Relaxation technique

This is a recording of a process I have used for the last thirty years to help the patients I see in daily practice. Having refined the process for over thirty years I know how well it works.

One of the major contributions Chinese medicine has to make to the understanding of illness and how it develops is the concept of internal causes of disease. In the Chinese literature going back over 2000 years these internal causes of disease are referred to by the names of emotions. Grief, anger, fear, anxiety etc. I think that more properly they are references to those internal states we get into which we have all experienced in our own unique way, when we find we do not have the resources to deal with whatever it is life is throwing at us at the moment. This can be anything from too much or too difficult work, poor relationships or our own expectations greater than our abilities. In fact it is pretty much all the situations covered by the word ‘stress’. When you realise you are in this state, it is important to know how to relax.
Being able to relax has a number of beneficial effects.

By listening to the recording it allows your system to come back to a neutral relaxed place where you will be able to see the causes of stress more clearly and be in a position to do much more about them.
Being relaxed is also the precursor to most forms of self healing. There are many stories of people making incredible recoveries from all sorts of illnesses. Not one of those stories started with ‘first I made myself really stressed’!

So enjoy listening and watching the changes take place inside you, and as you become more adept at the process, notice your own unique journey to better health and ease unfold within you.

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